How to survive Wedding Season! 6 top tips...

1. Eat before you drink!

Weddings are often a looooong day, and we tend to get excited very early on. Especially if you’re the Bride reading this, make sure you’ve had breakfast before any of the celebrations begin!

2. Choose a thoughtful gift
Sometimes, especially if you’re close to the newlyweds giving cash or a honeymoon fund donation can feel a little impersonal. Get creative, find out where the couple first met or where the proposal was. A gorgeous framed photograph of a special place could make a lovely keepsake they can look at everyday and be reminded of a pivotal moment in their love story.

3. Don’t wear brand new shoes!
Or if you do, make sure you’ve broken them in before hand. Weddings means lots of standing & dancing which can lead to a world of pain the next day. Get clip clopping around the house a few weeks before hand so you’re feet know what’s in store before the big day(s).

4. Know your table mates
If you don’t know who you’re sat next to, be sure to introduce yourself during the drinks reception before you sit down. That way it’ll be a lot less awkward when you first sit down and make your meal way more enjoyable. You might even make a new bestie for the night!

5. Turn it into a holiday
If you’re invited to a destination wedding, turn it into a holiday to really make the most of those flight tickets! Not only will you have some extra time for yourself in a place you may not have explored before, but you’ll get some quality time with the couple either side of the wedding.

6. Bring a carefree mindset
Wedding season can inevitably bring up thoughts about you’re own life. Whether you’re single, attached, happy or sad. Focus your attention on the couple. Pop real life on pause for the day and celebrate love care-free.

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