6 Tips for Hen Party Planning

1. Chat to the Bride
Even if it’s a total surprise, before you start planning you must speak to the Bride. Check if she’d like any involvement, get her invite list & most importantly some dates that suit her best.

2. Set your dates
Before making the Hen Group, choose your dates provisionally. You can then communicate well in advance with the hens & give plenty of notice.

3. Location
Whether it’s home or away, the location is key & of course will depend on budgets. It’s worth making 2 options and asking for a vote on the Hen group.

4. Make the Group
The WhatsApp chat is your chance to get the girls pumped & set the tone for the pre-celebration! Set out your dates and initial plan. This is a good time to get a vote in if you have a couple of options.  Put forward your ideas and welcome theirs.

5. Decide a theme
Colours, sparkles, rodeo, barbie..the list is endless! Having a theme for even just one of the nights is a really fun way for everyone to get involved. Basing it around something the Bride loves is a great place to start.

6. Print an itinerary
Once everything is in place, design & print an itinerary to give to the Bride on the day of the hen. It’s the cutest way to get her super excited & digest everything you have planned for her. A lovely note from all the hens on it too is a perfect sentimental touch.

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