Your Bridesmaid Dress questions, answered!

Our Bridesmaid Dresses always sell out super quick so I really want to make sure you feel confident knowing exactly what and how to order. I totally get it, bridesmaid dresses can be a minefield.. So let's get cracking!

We've spoken to lots of our customers to get their initial feedback, and have put together the most popular questions and answers for you below. 

How do they fit?
Our team have a wealth of experience buying for some well known brands so I’ve taken my knowledge of the most common/popular measurements and sizes when creating these stunning bridesmaid dresses for you, so I recommend ordering the size you usually wear. You can use our extensive size guide on the dresses to measure before ordering. However, as we come in all different shapes and sizes, a bit of a trick is to size up if you’re in between sizes and take to a tailor. Our fabric is super easy to have altered and this way you can ensure it fits perfectly.


How does the material feel?
Our dresses are made in a luxurious heavy satin which falls beautifully against the body without any uncomfortable clinginess. It’s really great for flattering any bits we might feel a bit conscious of, they really do make you feel as confident and gorgeous! We've tried a variety of different underwear from seamless thongs to shapewear all of which are not visable for a super slick finish!


Can you wear a bra with them?
The Twist Back, Cowl Front, Cami Cowl and Angel Sleeve shapes have all been designed specifically so they can be worn with a bra. Typically, these are the best styles for those with a bigger bust or needing the extra support.


How long are the dresses? Will they work for my tall Bridesmaid?
The short answer is yes! All our dresses are cut on the bias creating a super flattering drape to the floor. They measure 160cm and have been tried and tested on our models ranging from a petite 5ft 2 to a tall 5ft 11. 


I’m stuck on which colour to go for. 
The best place to start is ordering a colour swatch here. If you’ve ordered more than one swatch and can’t decide between the colours, I would look at your overall theme, flowers, venue and consider the time of year your wedding is. Get creative and pin a few pictures together of your day alongside the swatches to give you a better vision of which colour dress would be the best fit. 


I’ve chosen my colour but can’t decide on which shape. 
Luckily, we have 6 shapes to choose from and chances are, your bridesmaids will probably know which shape is most suited to them. If you’re struggling to decide, send over the shapes to your bridesmaids and ask which one they feel would be right for them. A mix of shapes looks amazing! 


How soon shall I order them? 
If you know your colour & shape then I would order as soon as possible once our sizes have been restocked. It’s a big thing to get ticked off and the earlier the better so your bridesmaids can try them on and you feel confident knowing they love them!

Hopefully this covers a lot of your questions, but please do get in touch via email or DM for anything more specific. The team and I are always happy to help :)


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